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Minting is LIVE!

Official Mint Address:


For one NFT, send 100 ADA to the address above.

Send up to 500 ADA in one transaction

5 NFTs Maximum per transaction - no limit per wallet.

Only send from an Official Cardano Wallet - Never from an exchange!
Join the discord and ask us anything!

The blockchain is named after Italian mathematician Gerolamo Cardano, while the cryptocurrency token is named after English mathematician Ada Lovelace.

Cardano ₳rk

Metaverses Information Desks are aboard the Ark, and will be expanding to your favorite metas!

​Cardano Ark is a mini-meta dApp store resembling your local shopping mall!

The Cardano Ark will provide information on the virtual world you are intend to visit, offering tours, rentals, starter packs, and more.


The 4000 Cardano Ark Carrier Ship NFTS will be the main

source of distribution of our Utility Token.

Tokens can be used for our services and participating in our mini-meta activities.

Holders get free or discounted rental items, limitations will apply.
You will also have access to private channels to discuss strategy and learn more about the Metaverse Opportunities that are presenting themselves.

WL slots for future mints and collaborations will be reserved for Ship Holders. 


We provide weekly executive reports on our research.  Weekly video on YouTube. Audio summary in our hosted twitter space. Mondays at 1pm UTC.


Educate the community, metaverse current events, and reviewing our portfolio projects regularly, keeping you up to date on the Multiverse!


We keep it as simple as possible. 

Mint it and forget it - airdropped into your wallets. 

$CARK Cardano Ark Utility Token

Registered with Cardano and available on Sundaeswap.

4000 Cardano Ark Carrier Ship NFTs! verified on CNFT Tools and jpg.store

Together The Cardano Ark and Passengers will explore the many Metaverses!

Want to advertise in the metaverse?