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The Cardano Ark is your one-stop-shop for a safe and engaging meta experience. As a trusted investment group, we focus on virtual world assets that offer enriching and educational opportunities for all ages. Our platform is designed to be a welcoming environment for all communities and provide a quality source of information for all your metaverse explorations. With Information Desks tailored to each Metaverse, you can be confident in your journey. Be a part of the solution and join us as we bring the Goblin Avatar mint to life, a cute and helpful companion for your meta adventures. As a holder, you'll have access to discounts, free rentals, and even more perks and rewards. We are proud to award the Cardano Ark Pioneer Role to the first 100 holders in our Discord community, who will receive a free Goblin Avatar and exclusive benefits. Start your journey towards empowerment and enrichment with the Cardano Ark today!


About us
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Own Your Daily Routine

Minting is LIVE!




For one NFT, send 100 ADA to the address above.

Send up to 500 ADA in one transaction

5 NFTs Maximum per transaction - no limit per wallet.

Only send from an Official Cardano Wallet - Never from an exchange!

Start Minting

The Ark Information Desk includes:

  • Ark Bounty Board

    • Educate To Earn

    • Research To Earn

    • Advertise To Earn

    • Play to Earn

  • Ark News Feed

    • Information from the bounty board utilized to keep our community up to date!

  • Ark Store

    • Rental or Purchasing

    • Items

      • Tailored Starter Kits

      • Consumables, Weapons, Armor, Vehicles, and more!

    • Virtual Real Estate for Building or Advertising.

Starting with the 7 original virtual worlds, and expanding to your favorite Meta!

  • Diversification is key. Our start:

    • Cornucopias

    • Virtua

    • Pavia

    • Carda Station

    • Unbounded Earth

    • Cardano Crocs Club

    • Cardania

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$CARK Token Policy ID:


$CARK currently available on



Cardank Ark Logo-circle_fixed.png

Cardano Ark Carrier Ship Policy ID:


Cardano Ark Carrier Ship NFT currently available on

Cardank Ark Logo-circle_fixed.png

$CARK Distribution Breakdown:

Max Supply is 41 Million $CARK.


2023 is the first airdrop, after the Policy is closed. 

For comprison:

Bitcoin - 21 Million Max Supply 

Cardano - 45 Billion Max Supply

Want to advertise in the metaverse?

Our Team

Experienced Cardano Community Members

Management and Community Speciliasts

Founder and Captain: James 

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Experienced IT, developers, and design teams.

Marketing and Content:

First Mate: Aurethious
Second Mate: Beto

Lead Digital Artist: Tonoy

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Security Compliance Specialists - Compliance and protecting your investment is our top priority. 

Community Management:

Community Managers:


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Our Team

For Any Assistance Required Please Reach Out

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